Scams – International FIFA Lottery

Recently an envelope was delivered to my home which contained a letter informing us we had won the ‘International FIFA Lottery’. Great news you may think, except that doesn’t actually exist. It was clearly an attempt to deceive us into believing we had won money so we would pay them for access to it.

A Google search confirmed it was a scam and others had been caught out by it. If you receive anything telling you that you have won a lottery or other competition – here’s just one question for you. Did you actually enter this competition? If not, then it’s a scam and should be reported to the Police so they can take action.

Always be careful and never give money to people who say they require your cash to get you access to money you have supposedly won.

Gifthulk – Earn ‘Free’ Gift Cards

In April I posted about InstaGC, a platform that lets you earn points which can be redeemed for gift cards, today I am going to tell you about another such platform, this one is called Gifthulk.

Gifthulk is similar to the other reward sites, it rewards you for searching, as well as watching videos and undertaking various tasks such as surveys. And the amount of points required for gift cards is higher than some of the others, but this is a good, stable platform that has been around a while.

As a member you do have benefits such as competitions to earn you points. I regularly play the ‘guess the card’ competition, and have won a few times. I prefer the ‘guess the suit’ one because I seem to do better on that! You win 4 points when you guess correctly and that may not seem a lot but it costs you nothing to participate and you have a number of chances to win!

My prize goal is a Paypal gift card, they’re just like cash in the bank. Actually when you withdraw it from your Paypal account into your bank account that is exactly what it is!! But you’re not ‘limited’ to just Paypal gift cards, there are many others to choose from, some of which are for department stores so it’s worth having a good look through.

If this seems to be something you’re interested in, have a look at the site and decide from there


Steve 😉