Leverage – Reboot

Yesterday I found out Leverage, the television series produced by Dean Devlin, was being rebooted and I thought about the series I loved.

Leverage centres on a team of thieves who steal from, or have arrested usually due to , those who abuse their positions and take from, or somehow harm innocent people. Our team consists of Nathan Ford, leader of the group, Sophie Deveraux, Con Artist and aspiring actor, Eliot Spencer, retrieval specialist who is the team’s ‘hitter’, Parker, cat-thief and Alec Hardison, the hacker. These people do as they say in the intro: They provide leverage!

Throughout the series we see them thinking up ever more imaginative ways to teach the bad guys a lesson and help the victims to get past what has happened to them, whether it’s simply having the bad guys arrested or finding ways to profit from their cons and passing money or other assets gained to those wronged.

The reboot will see Dean Devlin return, and Nathan Ford will be replaced with a new character played by Noah Wyle, so if you have seen the other Dean Devlin show The Librarians then you should probably expect some Flynn Carsen craziness! Although nothing has really been written much about the character yet so I am only speculating based on similarities between both shows. We also get to see his fellow Librarian co-star Christian Kane returning to Leverage.

There are similar types of shows that exist such as Burn Notice, but what makes this series great is the way the team work together so well and do become a family by the end. The World is currently a mess, so just ignore everything else going on and have a Leverage marathon to prepare yourself for the reboot 🙂