Person of Interest -Was a Shaw-Centred Spin-off Planned?

When we first see Sameen Shaw, she is being helped by Reese and Finch, her colleague and friend was murdered by the ISA with her also being a target. The next episode we see Shaw is one where the focus is on her, we barely see Team Machine, so this seems to have been a possible backdoor episode for a spin-off using the same style as other shows do – show the spin-off main character about 90% of the time with the characters that connect the shows together the rest of the time.

Shaw is a fantastic character, I say is because she didn’t die in the series so she’s probably still somewhere in the POI universe, putting bullets through walls into the arms of bad guys and saving innocent people alongside Fusco and Bear. What would a POI spin-off centred around one of our favourite assassins have looked like? If she didn’t work as closely with Team Machine, then would she have been assassinating the bad guys on behalf of the machine alongside Root? Would she have crossed paths with Carter, who would no doubt be investigating any deaths?

As the show has ended, and we know Shaw survived everything, we have to wonder if there will ever be a reboot or a spin-off that shows us what Team Machine without Reese and Finch would look like. Team Machine was loved by the fans, but we cannot expect to see Reese suddenly come back from the dead, and Finch has gone to start his life with Grace, so we can still enjoy seeing Shaw, Fusco and Bear doing their thing, with the voice at least of Root to remind us of her and what she meant to all of the team, especially to Shaw. Maybe one day we will see Team Machine on our screens 🙂

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