The Romeo Section – Natural Sequel or Spin-off for Intelligence?

The Romeo Section (TRS). A unit that obtains human intelligence by having it’s assets manipulate their targets into relationships. The premise of this show is similar to the 2005 show Intelligence, which followed the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) during their investigations into organised crime and espionage within Canada. One section of CSIS is responsible for human intelligence gathering using assets from various backgrounds including a Madam who is responsible for a large group of escorts but needs assistance to bring her family to Canada and a stripper working in the club used by the other protagonist’s organisation.

The Romeo Section could easily have been produced as a spin-off from Intelligence with the same actors in both shows and one at least having a similar role. With Intelligence being cancelled in 2008, TRS could have kept the ‘universe’ alive by making it’s focus on organised crime and the illicit drugs industry in Canada to avoid threats of closure that could come from the Canadian Government to the broadcaster. It is a shame TRS had to be a completely separate production and so many years after Intelligence. Fingers crossed Haddock Entertainment look back at their shows and think about expanding them further in the future.

Author: SP

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