Supernatural has ended. But what about a new generation of Winchesters?

Supernatural has ended. We all cried when we saw Dean finally bite it, by being thrown against a wooden post with a big nail in it (quite amusing that’s how he died considering all the punishment he took over 15 years!) and then Sam died after living a long life with his son Dean sat with him.

When we see Sam’s son Dean, he’s got a pentagram tattoo on his arm, and it’s believed by many that he will become a hunter at some point and will be the main character or one of a group of them in any future spin-off. And it is hoped this will happen because Dean Jr. has cousins – Garth’s kids, Sam and Castiel, as well as possible illegitimate offspring of his Uncle Dean somewhere in the World.

Any spin-off would likely be based on the interactions between the next generation of Winchesters and their cousins as we saw with the main show in how Dean and Sam argued with each other but always fought for each other and even sacrificed themselves to save the other. The spin-offs that were proposed before were based on pushing political agendas (female reboots such as Wayward Sisters) or adding details about Cities that no-one had heard about before despite this being something that would be known to hunters such as the Winchesters (Chicago having essentially supernatural mob families for Bloodlines in season 9 ignoring the previous visits to Chicago). These failed because they weren’t good enough to be Supernatural episodes, let alone SPN related shows.

If a spin-off happened, the best thing would be for Jensen and Jared to direct some of the episodes because these guys brought to life Dean and Sam respectively and would be the people to help shape the next gen hunter Winchester offspring who would have similar personalities. Fifteen years of playing these characters would give them more insights so directing the first few episodes would give the show a boost in many ways.

Let’s hope it happens soon 🙂

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