Yellowstone – Is Garrett Jamie’s Biological Father?

Jamie finds out John and Evelyn Dutton were not his biological parents but were actually his adopted parents. According to his birth certificate and adoption papers, his parents are in fact Garrett and Phyllis Randall.

But what we find out when Jamie meets Garrett is that his Mother “sold her body for drugs” so will we later find out that Garrett is going to turn out to be his step-Father and then we will have a big reveal later that someone else – there’s a theory it’s Wade Morrow – is indeed his biological Father? And if this happens, will it turn him against the Duttons?

The Dutton family has assets that make them rich, but they are miserable and they are not a nice bunch (Kayce to John: “Hey Dad, have a good day”, John: “I won’t son, all out of those”). John is a bully and abusive father, he tried to force one son to get his girlfriend to have an abortion and not leave the clinic until it had been done, when it wasn’t done the son (Kayce) was branded. But then tried to attack Jamie for taking Beth to the clinic when they were kids for an adoption and letting it happen despite knowing it will also involve sterilisation.

The only one of John’s offspring he seems to get on with is his equally nasty daughter, she is always trying to hurt Jamie and will use John to do it. So perhaps if it’s a choice between the Duttons and Garrett Randall, Jamie may end up choosing Randall.

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