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Scams – International FIFA Lottery

Recently an envelope was delivered to my home which contained a letter informing us we had won the ‘International FIFA Lottery’. Great news you may think, except that doesn’t actually exist. It was clearly an attempt to deceive us into believing we had won money so we would pay them for access to it.

A Google search confirmed it was a scam and others had been caught out by it. If you receive anything telling you that you have won a lottery or other competition – here’s just one question for you. Did you actually enter this competition? If not, then it’s a scam and should be reported to the Police so they can take action.

Always be careful and never give money to people who say they require your cash to get you access to money you have supposedly won.

Reflective Film & Light Shield to Stop Lasers Affecting Pilots?

Over the years there have been many cases of people using lasers to annoy pilots and co-pilots and even try to force a plane to land. We should be wondering why there hasn’t been something done about this, apart from making it a criminal offence.

One solution would be the use of reflective films on cockpit windscreens to stop the laser being able to ‘access’ the cockpit and bother the flying crew. Using double-thickened glass with the reflective screen being inside it, as well as on the side within the cockpit acts as a double safety measure.

A secondary system, I’m not sure if this exists, could be an external light screen that would extend a light field (outside of human sight range) in front of the plane that would change the colours coming from the laser and possibly negate any affect, the light would be ‘bounced’ from the light field either above the plane, or back at the original location of the laser.

I like the idea of having safety systems in place to stop people coming to harm and being able to carry on with their work.