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Esperanto – An International Second Language?

We have a planet that holds billions of people, yet a large number of those people only speak one language – their own – and would find it difficult to communicate with others who don’t speak their language.

We’re seeing more people travelling around the World, whether it’s a short trip to a neighbouring Country, or a World cruise, the World is being explored and experienced first-hand so is it time we all learned a second language?

Esperanto is a constructed language, meaning it isn’t a natural language that has evolved over time in the same way English or French has, but was created for the purpose of giving the World a way to communicate that wouldn’t require having to learn a language that is, or perceived by a group to be, associated ¬†with a particular Nation or political system.

If every person on Earth could speak their own language as well as a common international language, then perhaps we could resolve many issues and possibly even avoid many of the conflicts that seem to be caused by lack of knowledge and understanding about other cultures.

Universal Esperanto Association

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