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Net-Based Broadcasting – Is It Worth Paying For?

I love films. And television shows. My favourite show is The Originals, alongside Supernatural and I’m a big fan of Lucifer. Now we have many options to watch our favourite shows and films, but not that long ago it was difficult to find your favourites using anything other than a torrents site, and I don’t know about you but I don’t like having to download an application just so I can watch a film or show. Browser based is my preference, as it is for zillions of other people.

Being the type of person who loves films and tv shows, is it worth paying for membership of a site such as Netflix or Amazon Prime? I would say yes. I have been a member of Netflix and Amazon Prime and loved having access to their products. I also purchase shows, films, music and books through Google Play, I love it. It’s so convenient being able to download anything I’ve purchased onto my mobile phone.

Like so many other people, I use sites such as Amazon for various purchases, whether it’s for DVDs or for books, you know you can trust them to get your stuff to you. And they also provide a platform for watching the latest films and tv shows. It’s called Amazon Prime and is actually very good. With Amazon Prime you also get other benefits such as One Day Delivery (which is fantastic when you’ve ordered something and don’t want to wait a week for it). If you want to have a look at Amazon Prime, click the link below to go straight there and have a good look around at things to watch, or music to listen to. Enjoy 😀

Amazon Prime - sign up for the trial